Operate your model railroad just like the real railroads do using ProTrak. ProTrak is a complete railroad operations system, featuring train lists and yard lists, with car movement tracking.  ProTrak is modeled after the prototype. Many historical data features on rates, commodities, etc. are included. ProTrak is an interactive - real time program and does not require a full session to be printed prior to an operating session.

"Logistics the way it should be done".  GG.

What's New

ProTrak Update - 360, for the "Non-compressed" version, for Win7, Win8, Win10, Vista and XP.  Monday, 9:01 am August 21st, 2017. See the community support forum for all the update's details.  

Download the update in the store:  Update.

The ProTrak Basics Manual Version 1.2 is available.