Evaluation Version

ProTrak Evaluation is a full featured program; however, the license expires after 60 days or 10 sessions.

  • The data describes a 1988 era North South generic-data railroad
  • Stations, staging, subdivision, and yard data is sample railroad (can not be changed)
  • Some support data is restricted in scope

 The ProTrak Sampler Evaluation Version shows you:

  • exactly what ProTrak looks like on your computer
  • data resources that are built into ProTrak
  • how you enter data into ProTrak
  • how you can plan your railroad
    • how many staging tracks – exactly
    • how many industries
    • how many switching trains to serve those customers
    • how many through trains
    • how many yards, and how big
    • how many crew do you need
    • how to keep your crews busy throughout the session
  • how you can plan the operations on your railroad
  • how you can run an operating session in ProTrak

Railroad data:

  • You will see that data already built into ProTrak includes:
    • example industries (over 8000) in ProTrak format
    • commodities
      • complete STCC to 5 digits, with some to 7 digits
      • with “Waybill Sample” data associated
    • steam (rod) locomotives
    • geared locomotives
    • diesel locomotives
    • car mechanical kinds by era
    • brake schedules, train-blocking patterns…