Customer Examples

Industry Data

Weights of Lading Loaded in Cars

  1. Graph of Percent lading weight vs STCC Only a few commodities fill a freight car to full capacity.

Industrial Trackage, Photos of Loading Spots

  1. Alfalfa loading on team track, Baden, ON, July 22nd, 2006
  2. Trackage at Nucor Steel Crawfordsville, Indiana
  3. Coal Unloading Placement Lafarge Cement, Ravena, New York.

Lists of Customers

  1. Nickel Plate Industry List for 1944. Original data provided by Tony Koester, Newton, NJ
    File contains 1017 industries. Some industries have commodities listed. Posted May 19th, 2000
  2. Partial list of coal mines on the C&O in West Virginia.
    File contains 50 industries. Posted May 23rd, 2000
  3. Industry data from OpSig list. All data converted to ProTrak format. Posted June 19th, 2005  Data in zipped file. Un-zip data-file before using.
    1. Industry List covering the East. File contains about 10,000 industries. (211 kB)
    2. Industry List covering the South. File contains about 10,000 industries. (221 kB)
    3. Industry List covering the Midwest. File contains about 10,000 industries. (278 kB)
    4. Industry List covering the West. File contains about 10,000 industries. (195 kB)

Note: Data is in ProTrak ‘Customer’ format and is only useful with ProTrak.
Instructions Checklist:

  1. Download the data. Unzip files if necessary (All customerlib_?.zip files).
  2. Start ProTrak.
  3. Go to “File”, “Import”, “Import industry data”. Select “ProTrak format”.
  4. Select the drive (probably “c:”) by double clicking, or wherever your downloads go.
  5. Select the directory where your downloads go.
  6. Select the file, for example “NKP1944.RDC” or “customerlib_west.RDC”
  7. Click on list column heading to sort data by that column.
  8. Select the industries you want to add to your offline customers list.
  9. Hit the “Import” button.