ProTrak Weekends

ProTrak Operations Weekends

Where you can meet and mingle with ProTrak users and see ProTrak working. Hands on.  

Upcoming ProTrak Operations Weekends:

ProTrak Weekends are open to all, ProTrak user or non-user, experienced railroad operator or new to model railroad operations, or simply those who are curious about what this is all about.   If you are interested in holding a ProTrak Weekend, please see below.

  • There is no charge.  But you (attendees) are responsible for your meals and hotel.
  • The purpose of the Weekend is Operate! and to explore ProTrak {and Grapevine} in greater depth than is possible on  chatlists or this website.  This also is your chance to provide direct feedback on what you want to see in ProTrak.

2017: Wednesday October 18th to Sunday October 22nd, 2017, Jim Moir’s C&NE, in Baden (Waterloo), Ont

  1. We will be hosting The 5th Annual C&NE ProTrak Operators Weekend, in Baden (Waterloo), Ontario.  The Canada & New England Railroad is a multi-level, multi-deck railroad (3 floor levels with multiple decks on each floor level) featuring “mountain climbing” (helpers), long trains, several yards and industrial switching, all set in the “modern” era. 
  • Flights and airports
    • American flies into Waterloo Regional Airport from a Chicago connection (I have used it; it’s good!)
    • Buffalo’s airport is 2-1/2 hour drive (I have used it too; it’s also good!); 
    • Toronto’s (expensive) airport is 1 hour.  
    • WestJet flies into Hamilton airport, an hour away (also a good airport).
  • Driving
    • Lansing is a 4 hour drive – due east.
    • Blue Water Bridge (I-69) to Baden is two hours. 
  • Accommodation is in 
    • “Best Western” in Kitchener (15 minutes east)
    • “Traveler’s” and “Majiers” motels Stratford (20 minutes west).  
  • Eats
    • Within a block, here in Baden, there are several good eateries (Tim Horton’s and Subway for lunch, Levetto and EJ’s for supper and good pizza).
    • Pubs (Scram and Dram, our traditional Saturday night spot) and fine dining in New Hamburg (3 miles west)
  • There is great train-watching (VIA, GEXR) 200 feet away, and right from the railroad-room windows.
  • If you are interested, email Jim Moir at:  (


2018: (Revised datesWednesday May 2nd to Sunday May 6th, 2018, Andy Keeney’s Nashville Road, in Lansing, Mich

  1. Andy Keeney and hisNashville Road have sponsored 13 Weekends in ~late April, from 2004 to 2016, all held in Lansing, Michigan.  Andy will be sponsoring the spring Annual Lansing ProTrak Operations Weekend in April/May 2018, in Lansing. Mich.
  •   For theLansing Weekends some stay at the Ramada on Saginaw Road, or Motel 6 also on Saginaw Road – much upgraded!  
  •   Breakfast is at the incredible “Sophia’s” in Grand Ledge.  
  •    You can fly directly into Lansing and someone will pick you up at the airport, or into Detroit.  There is lots of local transport with folks who drive in.  
  • If you are interested, email Andy Keeney at:   (